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25-year-old Angela Gieling of Perry is working out and making better food choices as part of her drive to get healthy. A full-time Lake Erie College student, she plans to run her first 5K in May.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Straight Emotions

So this post is going to be a mix of emotions because thats whats going on right now. I'm really proud of myself for last month. I gained the first month and now I'm down officially, two pounds. Its nothing huge, but a loss is a loss and I'm going to continue to to lose throughout this contest and after.
So next week, I'm going to start my training for the 5k in May. I can't wait. I'm really nervous, however, I need to do this for myself. I need to prove that I can do anything. I've wanted to run a 5k for some time now, so this is the one thing that  want to do this year.
On the other side, like I've stated before, I gave up pop for over a year now. Well, I decided to try it again. Let me tell you, biggest disappointment ever. It was gross and it burned my throat. I don't think I ever wanna drink that stuff again. I knew that it was going to be either amazing to have pop again or it was going to be gross. Well, we've confirmed it.
I'll just stick with my Snapple.... Until next time ;)


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