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25-year-old Angela Gieling of Perry is working out and making better food choices as part of her drive to get healthy. A full-time Lake Erie College student, she plans to run her first 5K in May.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Being Away from Home

Being away from home, isn't easy. Being away from home and trying to eat "healthy," is almost impossible. Theres no Panera and other healthier places to venture to. Subway, sorry Jared, it gets boring after awhile.
So as I struggle to find a happy medium, I need to remember that this is forever and that you're going to have bad days, or in this case, a bad week. But after this hiccup, you'll do better and you'll get back on that horse. So sit back, go for a walk, but remember to enjoy yourself and those around you.


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