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25-year-old Angela Gieling of Perry is working out and making better food choices as part of her drive to get healthy. A full-time Lake Erie College student, she plans to run her first 5K in May.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

As I was reading some of the fellow contestants blogs, I'm realizing more about myself. I'm realizing that I could probably be doing better (bum knee or not). I realized that I should be out there, doing the hard work and dedicating myself to this diet. Instead, I lay in bed or sit on the couch and complain how my knee hurts and how I can't do anything. I make excuses for what I can't do and I don't want to try anything else. I need to stop making the excuses. I need to hold myself accountable. This past Tuesday was a year anniversary of me making better decisions for myself and to try and start getting healthy.
So I went to my gym's bootcamp class today and the instructor (also my personal trainer) modified almost everything for me. I'm still indecisive about how I felt about going. All my bootcamp ladies were rocking it out without me. One set of exercises, they were exercising around me and I felt like a fish out of water. But like it was said to me, "at least you're here."
So I've decided to get back on the horse. I've gotta try and do what I can do with this knee issue. I can't let it restrain me.
To all the fellow contestants, great job.. ~^o^~ cheer
You guys have done a wonderful job trying to get healthier, just like me. 


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