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25-year-old Angela Gieling of Perry is working out and making better food choices as part of her drive to get healthy. A full-time Lake Erie College student, she plans to run her first 5K in May.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So initial weigh in was Sunday. That was a little nerve wrecking. To know that your weight and personal information is going to be on-line and in the newspaper, its a little overwhelming. But you have to start somewhere. You have to take accountability for your actions. You've made it this way and if change is what you need, then YOU need to do it. That's what I'm trying to focus on the most. This is what I need. This is what I want. So here starts my journey...
My initial journey started when I couldn't fit into my "normal" sized pants. I remember being in the dressing room in the mall, struggling, trying to get the new jeans buttoned. I remember my best friend, who was in the next stall, asking me "So how do they fit?" I lied to her. I told her they were too long so I wasn't going to get them. I'm not sure if she could hear the lie in my voice or if she took my answer with a grain of salt. But we never talked about it and I don't think I've even told her the truth until now.
I started by giving up pop (soda) February 15, 2011. I used to be obsessed with Diet Dr. Pepper. By the time I quit, I was down to 2 cans a day. But on that cold February day, I quit cold turkey. I'll must be a true pop addict because I'm not going to lie, I miss that can of pop, everyday. Every time I'm at a checkout and I see the pop machines, every time I see fountain machines and every time I hear someone else open a can/bottle; I crave that bubbly drink.
So back to the initial weigh in and this contest. I have big goals and I know that I'm not going to succeed without making a life change. I'm not going to make a life change unless I don't take responsibility and accountability for my actions. I hope to help at least one person through this journey. If I do that, then I know that I've made a difference while helping myself.
I started working out Monday morning. I did some abs and some arms. It's Wednesday and I'll tell you what, my abs are still burning. It feels like someone lit a fire in my rib area and its trying to escape. But they say you're doing it "right" when it burns. So we'll see...
I tried running today, didn't go so well. I wanted to go at least 5 minutes without stopping. I made it a whole 2 minutes.
I have to start somewhere.
Even though I feel like I failed, I had to start somewhere.
Not starting at all, would have been the true failure.


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